A meet with a Sexy Future Architect :D


I was on my way to the City Famous GIRLS COLLEGE for some program. I was totally unaware of what was going to be happen with me in next 4 hours.

Exactly at 4.50 I entered the college and as expected the security guard started his obvious questions; That why are you here? Its a girls college. Do you have any permission? blah blah.. thenceforth after answering his filthy obvious quest I was allowed in. I entered the program as I was here for. Suddenly I realized that one of my best Friend is studying here only. And yeah I text her. She was obvious in shock and started questioning that why I am in Girls college and all. questioning that why I am in Girls college and all.. and to my disbelief, she said wait there M COMING.. oh! I was meeting her after so many months. She was unbelievably Hot and Sexy in the early days, when we used to play hide n seek together in our colony. She was one of my crushes. But I was a nerd during that days, A smaller height and unusual messed up style and very thin. So my crush remains my crush only. I was waiting for her….

WhatsApp Text:
She:- Dude, Where are you?
Me:- 1st Floor.. 
She:- Come Downstairs..
Me:- Nah yaar.. You come up..
She:- I said Come down..
(And now who Idiot can say NO to one of his crush; also you can never argue with girl..)
Me:- Coming..
Oh My God! She is hell sexy now. About an inch smaller that me, a superior White in color, perfect Size and Shape, No Make-up (Irony.. :P ), a Simple and super beautiful Girl! and Once again, She is my Crush now. By the age Sexiness reduces but in her case it’s just opposite. White Top with fade blue Jeans. Her eyes were shining in the little bright light of the atmosphere and her nose was in its topmost cuteness. ( I want to touch her Nose yaar..). Charming, Seductive, Adorable, Amorous, Inviting.. All words are small for her Looks.
She:- Hey, Hi..
Me:- Hello.. (Goshh.. She is damn beautiful..)
We shake our hands and as I touched her fist it was an ELECTRIC SHOCK in my body. I was thinking that few words.. few sentences.. and she will say Good-Bye! Twee Twee..One more shock, She said let us sit. we sat on the stairs there itself.

For the next 1 hour we were talking like a hell, most of the time I am avoiding Eye Contact with her, Coz I don’t want to lose my self control. Her eyes were deep and searching for someone. Now we went for a short walk, it was amazing time for me; never in my life we were together for this much of time that too alone. After sunset her white skin was shining more in the moonlight, She looks prettier ( I want her.. ). I was thinking to propose her but the very next moment I realize that my Girl is more Charming than her. Finally we depart, she had to go and I also. 
10 minutes later;

She:- Hey are you still there in Campus?
Me:- Yeah. Why?
She:- ‘X’ n ‘Y’ are here. (X n Y are our Mutual Friends…{Males}
Me:- yeah, sure come here near college building..
She:- Yeah.. 5 mins Just.
She is here once again with both of them. (Why god is checking my patience..?? She is damn pretty…)
Hey.. Hi how are you both..? I asked.
Super cool. ‘X’ replied.
She:- Lets go and sit on the stairs..
and the Climaxx begins; 4 guards stops us.
Guard:- Hey who are you all? 
(ssshhhshhshh… Deep Silence.. They are here without permission n its already 7.55pm.. we are in trouble.. and its a BIG one.. ) As I had permission, I went to them.
Guard:- Why are you here..?
Me:- I had Permission.. The Program is going on on 1st floor, you can check the entry register also.. 
Guard:- Call the Student of this college.
She had a brief talk with them, and to increase our troubles the Secretary General of College enters. She asked her rollno and division and college and year… blah blah.. (Tensed Atmosphere, although I am Master in Crisis Management), (She looks more Hot when she is in Tension) S.G went up to verify the program is going on there or not. I signed three of them to run out of their ass from campus before S.G came back and obviously they are vanished in less than a couple of minutes (I missed to say BYE to her.. Hope I will meet her soon),  S.G came;
S.G :- Give me the Number of that girl.
Me:- Sorry, What? (Shiitt Mahn… I have to save her..)
S.G:- Don’t you had her No. ?
Me:- Yes. Listen She was my old friend, we met after so many years.. try to understand and the Boys were her brother ( another lie..haha! Brothersss??? In no sense… ) Nothing is the matter.. you can understand yaar..
S.G:- Can you please show me the permission letter of the hall (Where the program is going on..)
Me:- Yeah.. I will come back.
S.G:- Soon, I m waiting here only..
Me:- Yeah.. and Sorry for Inconvenience.
S.G:- Yeah Its okay, but next time be aware and its not allowed here. She had to take permission from us before. This is totally not done.
Me:- Oh yeah I can Understand, Really Sorry.
S.G.:- Okay!
Thank God.. Everything went on easily! But really So many things happened after few minutes when I returned; But yeah I m an EXPERT in CRISIS MANAGEMENT. 
I was in Rickshaw; Returning; I was continuously thinking about her; she was looking full passionate, architecture suits her, No chance for any Guy to date her (Well I Judged her, She is more Conservative) , the time spent with her was one of my cherish-able moments. She remains in me. She text me on whatsapp, asking about what happened after we flown away; I was always tricky.. I made some story and increased her fear.. She is gonna kill me now. If she is reading this Post May be she is smiling or just getting irritated with me.. My wish for her better future. I hope we will meet again soon.
S.C: (Story Credit) :- Most Hottest ‘She’ A sexiest Future Architecture.
Apologize:- To only ‘She’. I described you horribly, You are prettier than I had described you :D

Words for her: Don’t tensed, everything will be alright. S.G. is not that Cruel, She is pretty Lovable and Seductive.
with Love,
Ink Slinger #pK

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