Friends United after Long Time


I can’t believe to my eyes for what I had seen today! The day is exceptionally miraculous! Anomalous because today after a very long time all the school mates of mine along with me had a great dinner! I know it sounds nothing great but it is..

The 8 reunited!

It was by the no time that 4 of us were a good friend! Actually 4 of us were a BIG RIVALRIES in the school time! We used to fight every single day unnecessarily. But it seems to be quite awesome to see ask of them! No matter how much we hate each other.


1. Loads of memories!
2. As time elapsed everything become normal ( Big Rivalries <-> Happie Friends ).
3. Separation increases LOVE as we get to know their Importance in Life!
4. The things which are meant to be so important in past is now a laughing thing!
5. Happiness goes to the top of the world when we reunite with our school mates!
N last but not the least: Nobody changes by time but our attitude to see the things change!

Things I will RECOMMEND:

1. Bang On! Don’t let your big EGOs destroy your happiest moments!
2. Worldly things hardly matters, don’t be get away to far from your buddies! They needs you, more than that you needs them!

#Fantastic #Memorable #DingDing #MindBlowing #Experience!

With Love,

Ink Slinger #pK

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