And I m in LOVE

Hello Guys..!!
            Nothing to say.. Coz my words may hurt someone! It’s not just a poem for me.. Its a broken heart story! Longing Love! But still we are best friends! :D 
And I m in Love..
This feeling I can’t express in words..
It carries within a special world..
Every time when I see her
I fall in love with her

I can’t express that how much I love her..
I can’t convey my fullest to her..
Still knowing that
She loves someone else..
I don’t care about that..
Coz.. I got my  unconditional love
Which is very special and lovable..

That’s true.. That I want her..
But the destiny doesn’t allows us..
We are one still we are different
Not being in relationship
Still we are together..

I will wait for that day
When she will be all mine
I’m sure that someday
Destiny will be with me..

I also like you“.. These words gave me strength!
I will live for her happiness, it’s my only word..

Dear m waiting for you..
Till the day, you will say
Till the day, you will accept and convey..

That I’m here just for you..
And you are here just for me..

Coz we are same same but different..
And I’m in love once again..
And now this for first and last time..

I promise
That I will be with you for whole life
Just for your happiness
I ensure
Smile on your face will be always there
Coz, Nothing is more important for me
Than your satisfaction and your loves..
You will get everything you want..
Till the date I’m here..
Coz my life is now all yours..

You are the thief.. But still
I LOVE YOU and I will
Coz I’m in love once again…
And this time it is true…

This is for YOU only! n I meant it!
With Love,
Ink Slinger #pK
@PrasadAol (Twitter)

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