Hello all Love Birds!

This Poem is very special for me. Coz it is on FIRST LOVE. 

“When I looked back in my Life..
I found so many memories hidden there..
Some are happening ones,
Some are Loving ones,
Some are saddening and miserable..
While Some are Heart Fillers..
In this torn book of my life,
I found some beautiful pages of LOVE..
The First Love!

It had never happened before,
This feeling is so special,
That no intellect works on the floors..
Although it might just be an
Attraction or Affection,
But First Love is so special
that it becomes Unconditional..
Those feelings are all new,
To cope with them, know just a few.
In that open sky of Love,
we only know to Fly..
the Feeling, Eye to Eye staring,
Chit-Chats make us High..
Also if it had bad times,
Still the feelings remain the same,
for both the Birds..
Coz if it is not True, but still
it is Unconditional..
Sometimes, Both think that 
“Love only hurt me..
It might be the Game of the one
Who fled..”
But the feelings are same of both..
And they both had to forth..
That impression of Love
craved in us so hard,
that no other can fill it..
if it is not true,
then the only option is to move ..
We can’t let our past to
Hammer us again and again..
If it was really untrue,
then your Soulmate  is waiting 
for that day.
The day will come 
when that craving will no-more
be a bother!
True Love, will be with you, for sure..
you just need to keep your arms open..
to let that feel in..
to let that feel in..”
Still I think so much is missing.. because describing FIRST LOVE is as hard as diving in the Pacific Ocean. I had only one thing to share, that first love is very special.. don’t let it affect your friendships, because you also knew that we can’t live without that FirstWala LOVE.. and also don’t let it affect your futher relationships! Move On! Still don’t leave it all behind. He/She might need you, not as a BF/GF but might be like a BEST FRIEND.

Ink Slinger #pK
@PrasadAol (Twitter)


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