New Year: Back to Our Own Self…

Hello Friends!

First of all thank you to my every reader! Just because of you all guys I am Motivated to write more..
So here is mine,

                                                          New Year’s Poem :

One more year got an end
One more year enters in our Lives..
One more year added to our memories..
One more year we had to cherish..
Whatever happened in this year
Good or Bad, Lovely or Harsh,
Comforting or Discomforting,
Interesting or Boring..
Now have no importance
as they are now just a past
Whatever I had done wrong
is my mistake only
I pledge to work on it.. 
On the New Year’s Fate..
I feel grateful to everyone 
who helped me and served me ,
in every possible way..
My thanks to all who made this 
year a Lovely “Day”
“Day” because as it came to an end very fast..
all the treats never get to last..
I feel pity for those who
Are still sitting and wondering..
Also for those who are thinking that,
I can’t I can’t.. I won’t I won’t
I recommend them to stop 
doubting their Abilities..
Else in the upcoming years also
they will be living Miserable life..
This New Year has already been Started..
The years will come and go
but everything will remain same..
everyone will be enjoying their naturalness..
except the Selfish Humans,
those are very Greedy in their mere life.
I will say to come back
to come back in the PAST
to the CHILD in us
to be more natural and spontaneous 
and for that Smile which is always
there in between … in between..
with this New Year,
let Rejoice your self.. 
Let Re-unite with own self..
Let’s celebrate to the infinity 
to awake the child in us..
Wish you a Very Happie New Year!

With Love,

Ink Slinger #pK
@PrasadAol (Twitter)

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