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Hope you are enjoying my posts! So, many have asked me that I can’t write other than LOVE and spirituality! Indeed, They are in some way correct..
Today I’m trying to write about SERVICE (The Nature’s Work). And what inspired me to do service and get involved in social activities! So here I go….


Life for Service! Indeed Yes..
Service is the work you do without expecting anything in return. This theoretical sentence never get into my Intellect. There was always one question popped in my Mind ” Why Service ” ? And for getting the answer to this question I began the journey of SERVICE.

Villages-Cities, People-People, Poor-Rich, Students-Professors, Religions-NGO’s. I met thousands of people in last 3 years. I had talks with them. I tried living their Experiences, their beliefs, their lives, their thinking. It was quiet amazing and interesting although shocking to see all that. It was an unusual experience for me. Sometimes, situations tried to stop me, wanted me to turn back and to give up.. and sometimes the times were super awesome and magical. On this path I have cried, I have laughed, I have enjoyed, I have suffered.

Believe me, talking from my experience, this path seemed to be very Boring and Risky but it’s the best thing ever, that happened to me. It’s a magical path where you don’t have to beg for anything, all your desires and all your needs get completed. There’s a saying “If you work for Nature, It will work for You.. “.
              “One fine day when I was busy in doing service at Blood Donation Camp, I was too hungry as I had eaten food the previous and nothing since then, it was exactly 20 hours since I had eaten anything, and my stomach was asking food.. I decided to go home, but there were only 2 of us ( A friend of mine and Me), so I decided to stay there till someone came. I asked a man to donate blood and gave him all the details of our project, he was very pleased to hear everything; and what? yes! He offered me a double scoop IceCream.”     ( Might be coincidence or Luck, but was certainly some Magic for me) and so many such experiences I have had ( Will share with you all sometime in the near future). Today also all these experiences fills my eyes with the tears of gratitude.

When I used to do service, many told me that you’re blessed, you’re God’s AVATAR, you are God for us blah blah.. but their feelings and words were magical, they filled my hearts with beautiful memories. Oh! God’s Avatar?? God?? Big words.. lol

Still their remain one question WHY SERVICE?
And after the adventurous and magical journey which is still going on, the magic of service, I think I can answer this question..
– 1 out of 8 people sleeps hungry daily..
– 1000’s of innocents are being harassed daily..
– Boozing has made so many youngsters blind-eyed..
– Terrorist attacks, Rapes, BlindFolded Traditions proving to be ill for the society..
– Religious fighting and misunderstandings..
– Non-directional Youths.. who are following trends which are hazardous for all..
– Sexual Conflicts..
– Unncessary Jealousy, Anger and Conflicts among people..
Do I have to count each and everything?? You pretty knew so many..

I have seen people crying for the things which already belong to them, fighting for their Rights, fighting for the justice.

Are we really happy??
People around don’t know what happiness is.. they are searching it in outer world, in worldly things, in the huge materialistic world, but failed to understand that it’s within in itself.. deep within!
Just for them, I will serve! Coz I think that we are here for some special purpose and no other thing seems to be so important today than bringing smile on someone’s face.

So I have chosen this Journey and I will be on it till each and every face has a Big Smile and a Happy Mind.

-Rather than going for Outing with Friends I will prefer to do some service.
-Rather than spending money on my Greed I will prefer to give it to someone who is in Need.
-Rather than doing timepass I will prefer to help maximum people in any way.
Rather than focusing on my career I will choose to focus on how I can make our society more      Efficient and peaceful.

….I will….
….Till the Beginning of New Era of Happiness and Peace….
….Smile On every Face….
….Peace in every Mind….

If you want to Join me in this campaign you can contact me.
Ink Slinger #pK
@PrasadAol (Twitter)

Keep Reading.. Keep Sharing..
Spread Love and Happiness
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