Poem: FearFul Star

Hie Everyone!
I hope you all are enjoying my write-ups and poems. This Poem is about a STAR who is twinkling in the sky, it wants to come on Earth but he fears.. Fear??? Star??? yeah.. Know more by reading:- 


“Twinkling in the Sky high
I’m the favorite Star
Flying in the deep Sky
everybody wants to catch me far..

One day a boy yells at me,
That if I’m enjoying Earth from there
Then Why not come to Land and see??
The Plea of the boy I rejected ASAP..
not because I don’t want to come
it is because I fear Earth’s chap..

They seemed to be very kind and helpful
From top of the world
But I had heard that 
They are totally opposite of all those words

I wanted to come there
But everytime something unwanted happens
& I flew back, cowardice in my dare.

Why the People of this beautiful planet
Is so greedy? I wonder
There’s lot of things to enjoy,
To live happily, but they Blundered.

What will they do with the unnecessary things
They owned.
Rather than overgrowing greed, 
They can help people, and 
Have their Life in a perfect Tone..

Hey Boy! Listen.. Listen..
I will come, surely come
On this Sweet Ball like planet,
To enjoy the humanity and peace..
Which I didn’t find still..
I will come, surely come
When everything will be true and fair,
When everything will be true and fair..

I am feared of Darkness,
and You Guys are very closed to Light..
Let it fill every corner of your Life..
I will come.. will come..


With Love,
Ink Slinger #pK
@PrasadAol Twitter)

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