Poem: for Guruji

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Sorry for very late update of my post. It was a very messy, busy, still very awesome 2 weeks. So much to share, will be publishing one by one soon. This poem I want to share because so many people are asking me to share this poem. This is so special because, I recited this poem in front of my beloved Master, my Guruji Sri Sri Ravishankar at +Art of Living International Ashram   , banglore where 1000s of devotees gathered for Mahashivratri. We were about to leave for Pune that day, but I felt to recite this poem. I was well known that we don’t have enough time but still I believed on my master. It was Chinese New Year, Chinese people are celebrating it on stage… I was like.. “Band Karo pls” as I want to recite poem for Guruji..
Finally I got the Mike…   and I Started like thiss…


“Looking at you, our eyes shades
Talking with you, we are speechless
Walking with you, we are like Runners
Anything with you, is just a wonder

To the infinity of the time
Whenever we fear
You are always with us like a saviour

Don’t know how everything is changing
in our lives,
But you are immortal one
who will resides in our hearts forever

You are very compassionate
You always live for us
Please be there in our life for the time
We breathe our last
You are just you
and we are nothing without you
Love you Guruji
Love you allot. “


With Love and Care,
Ink Slinger #pK
@PrasadAol (Twitter)

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