Poem: New Day ( by Shruti Advani )

Heyo! Readers.. :)
Special Poem from Special Person. Will it not be better if we forget/ brain wash everything in our mind every night! (I mean to say all those things which are unnecessary and hurt us.. :P). We all are stuck in a journey from Past to future. Just be aware and focused, everyday will teach you something which is totally unique of all other experiences. Just know that, and move on! Live Present as it is with the big SMILE on your Face. :)
So here I go with the poem: ‘New Day‘ :

‘A new learning everyday,
A new fight with inner self,
Not to redeem what you’ve invested,
Cz it never existed!

A fight with the hard core world,
More importantly with people whom you 
love and have cuddled!

A new day,
Starting with a new expectation,
Was that kills you,
Another sensation,
That brings you a level down than 
who you are and who you ought to be,
A constant fight of reality 
and the self created world.

Wanna live life with a great and a better deal?
And have, in peace , 
two courses of meal?
Stop expecting and start accepting 
what the world has in store for you,
May be wouldn’t be what you desire for,
But surely better and what you deserve.’
~~ Poem by,
Shruti Advani
(Sweet and Rocking Friend of Mine :) , Special Thanks to her for being with me and helping me with my write-ups. )

With Love,
Ink Slinger #pK
@PrasadAol Twitter)

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