Expectations! “KILL IT”

Having Problems in Relationships???
Are you Living Life or Suffering in Life??
Is everything getting wrong??
Are you tired of Living??
Or enjoying but Success is not coming??
Success is postponing You??
Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Wife/Husband is being so annoying??
Or Friends are Screwing you in every way??
Teachers are so boring??
Or the Subject is the reason for all misery??
Feed up! Bored! Tired!
Every question, Every problem is connected to—– EXPECTATIONS :(
So it’s very simple key, to unlock all happiness, Just KILL EXPECTATIONS or EXPECTATIONS WILL KILL YOU.

Your BestFriend talks to you Less from some days… So what?

Your Parents are becoming more Possessive… So what?
You want to get Appreciation, But nobody hell care for you… So what?
Today teacher has insulted you infront of whole class… So what?
You sent some Lovely message to someone you LOVE, and She/He did not care to reply back… So what?
Virat Kohli is gone for duck once again, and India Loss… So what?
Your Besties lies to you… So what?
Isn’t it that you’re stuck in the WEB of EXPECTATIONS..??
You want someone to take care of you.. to appreciate you.. to understand you.. to be with you.. to play with you……  Are you so BORED OF YOUR OWNSELF..?? Can’t you be with your ownself for about some time?? 
And Enjoy Life..


With Love,
Ink SLinger #pK
@[email protected]

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