Poem: LOVE..

Sorry Readers!
This poem is Just for someone special..

Hey! Someone Special!
I know I can’t express myself that Good. Also I can’t manipulate words to express you. But still I tried for reciting this Poem! Hope you like it :) And yeah this is for you Only :P


“It’s not true,
that I never tried..
I tried for so long
to keep my heart away from you.
But you’re a thug..
Love thug, Who changed my Love view.

That sweet little Dimples of yours,
are the most charmiest,
I had ever seen..
& the funkiest cute Smile of yours,
can make anyone a LOVE BEING.

Every time when I am with you,
You are the Cutest of you..
The Days I have spent with you,
are like no-one in the world just ME & YOU..

I Know I was too early,
for Proposing you..
But I meant So..
Coz I Love you :) 

All it happens Unconditionally,
The more I resist 
I found you more Mine,
& you became my Life’s Gist.

I Love You, I Love You, I Love You..
I can write it for you Uncounted times,
Still I will not be tired,
Coz you have filled me with Love of all time.

For describing you, it’s like
the hardest thing for me,
Coz your beauty can’t be measured,
& Your smile is full of LOVE Treasures..

Still you’re the most unkind,
You read my Heart &
Left me on the Life’s Cart..
To find the LOVE,
maybe that’s never mine..
Still I will LOVE you,
till the time I’m here :)
Coz you had left me with no Reason
& I will be LOVING you 
till there is Sun :) “

With LOVE,
Ink SLinger #pK
@PrasadAol Twitter)

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