Poem: LOVEing

“Tring Tring
The phone gets ring
I picked up the Phone
& she asked for me
I replied, Friend what is the thing?
‘I LOVE YOU’ she suddenly ping
‘At first site you became my King’
I told her
The Love for me in your eyes I have already seen
‘I LOVE YOU TOO’ is what I want to sing
All the happiness for you I will bring
As I said this, she get the wings
She bothered  that is that the right thing
I told we are enough young to be get Ming
& the very next day I bought her a beautiful Ring
In the beautiful feeling of Love we both swings
& here comes in our life the season of spring
She’s the queen & m the King
We both flew away with the Love Wings
In the world of Beautiful Beings..”

With Love,
Ink SLinger #pK
@PrasadAol Twitter)

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More Post? Find Next Page..

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