Poem: Saleel Da’s Team

“When we Walk together, we are FIRE
When we Dance together, we never get TIRED
When we Talk together, we EXPRESS COMPLETELY
When we Go together, anywhere we are the FIT
When we Sing together, Music gets #RE-DEFINED
When we Do Sadhana together, more that Sun we SHINE
When we Eat together, Food becomes more DELICIOUS
When we Travel together, Journey becomes more JOYOUS
When we Are together, we are SUPERIOR to the SUPERIORS
Still When we Depart, We remain that KING & QUEEN of SUPERIORS
Coz, We don’t just LIVE for us only, 
We LIVE for the BETTERMENT of the NATION..” 

News Flash:
We (Saleel Da’s Team) have organized the YES!+ FIESTA (Refresher), 300+ youths across Pune Joined us. And the highlight is
  “15 mins SKYPE session with GURUJI… <3 “

With Love,
Ink SLinger #pK


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