Poem: Woman

“Happy Women’s Day”

“The one who gave birth to us, is a WOMAN
The one who is the best support, is a WOMAN
The sisterly Love & Crazy fights, She is the WOMAN
The unselfish Lady, Loves you so much, Wife.. is a WOMAN
Sweet story teller, Our Princess, GrandMa is a WOMAN
The supplier of Delicious Food, Mumma is a WOMAN
The Lovely Lady stands with you always, Aunty is a WOMAN
& the demon who always takes you on the right path, Sister.. is a WOMAN
Your Love, Sweetheart..So called Soulmate, Girlfriend is a WOMAN
The most caring friend, is always a WOMAN
‘SHE’ is the KINDEST
‘SHE’ is the CUTEST
‘SHE’ is simply the BEST
The goddess of Knowledge.. Saraswati
The goddess of Defense.. Durga
The goddess of Finance.. Laxmi
All the Big.. All the Smart
All the Strong.. All the Lovely
They’re nothing but the WOMAN
Sprinkler of Unconditional LOVE,

Respect WOMAN.. Be a REAL MAN..
With Love,
Ink SLinger #pK
@PrasadAol (Twitter)
Keep Reading.. Keep Sharing.. Keep Spreading Love.. And Respect Woman.

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