Story: Dream of a Government Officer

Man1: When Sirji will come??
Clerk: Few mins! He might be in the Way..

(Few People gossiping about the bad system of our country)
(After 1 hour)

Man1: Its 10 O’Clock! 1 hour past. When sir will come?
Clerk: Don’t you understand my language? He is on way!

(Big queue of about 20-30 people waiting for the Government Officer.. and he is finally on his Chair now..)

Old Man: Sir! For how many more years I have to wait for my Pension? I really need this money so as to help my grandson in his tutions.. Please sir do my work this time.
Officer: First go to district pension committee and sign all documents there and then come.
Old Man: Sir, I have signed them for more than 10 times.
Officer: In this case I think you’re too late! Come with fresh documents tomorrow or pay 10K.
Old Man: Sir??

(Scene Ends….)

Wife of Officer: You always go late and comes early, people don’t get angry?
Officer: You do your work, Don’t teach me. I’m doing all right thing. I have so many works to do. They all people don’t have any work, they stand in lines for hours.. not my fault! Let them do some hardship to get something!
Wife: But..
Officer: Shut up you bitch! Let me sleep now!


(DREAM of Officer..)

– It’s the day of Inspection in his office.
Wife wake’s up late..
Serve him Food that is cooked a day before..
The laundry man is not coming inspite of calling him for 20 times..
(Frustation of Officer is getting high event by event…)
Driver is on leave without any pre-informing.
No-one is picking phone at Cab Booking..
There is Long Queue on Local ticket counter..

(Officer is getting Mad.. out of his frustration he started argument with one passenger.. )
(Peace of Mind= ‘ZERO”)

Finally he reached office 1 hour Late..
and he is

(DREAM breaks…)


Officer wakes up early in the morning and get ready!
It’s 8:45 and He is at his Office..
Clerk: Sir, Is today surprise inspection??
Officer: No. But I realized that I’m doing wrong thing..

Wife Calls him:

Wife: Where are you?
Officer: At office, and sorry for yesterday’s behavior. I was too wrong. and thanks for being in my Life.
Wife: What happened to you? Is everything alright?
Officer: Yeah! NOW IT’S ALRIGHT!


I wish this should be happen everywhere..
not the dream, but the outcome of it..!!
And thanks to Hon. Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi for taking a huge step towards it.

With Love,
Ink SLinger #pK
@PrasadAol Twitter Handle)

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