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What is TRUTH??

From my experience, My opinion is nothing is truth, But everything is also a truth! Quite controversial huh?
If I say,
This is the day; obv. it is false, coz somewhere else at this time it may be night.
This is Laptop; obv. it is, but it is also a Machine.
My name is Ink SLinger; but it is defined only, some call me Lollipop also. :P
You take out thousands of truths, you will find controversial false too.
But every truth matters. Coz Truth is Truth.
And if it is not truth, then how you are telling that it is a truth?
and if it is truth then there is a false also, then how truth is truth?
Isn’t it is a mind boggling??

so better than to play truth-truth, let’s be with this question of What is TRUTH?
I’m sure one day this mystical question will be answered. That will be surely TRUTH.

With Love,
Ink SLinger #pK


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