Poem: April Fool’s Day

Sorry Readers, 
I was busy in some other works. I’m going to start something new and cool.. “COMING SOON”..
Till then enjoy April. 
“A boy was sitting 
books in his hands
He got the call from the show
to participate & Dance..
His intellect got in conflict,
Exams vs Dance
was the fight
Parents pressure, let him choose the exams..
Opportunity he missed, he becomes the fool.
A girl was wondering,
Dream of becoming Pilot.
Her parents came,
and asked her to get marry..
She feared to express her feelings
that she want Education to carry,
Once again she became the football of other’s opinions
Opportunity she missed, She becomes the fool.
Don’t be fool
Don’t give others chance to rule
Express Freely, Live Freely..
Coz you’re here as a bird who has wings
to fly high tirelessly.. “

With Love,
Ink SLinger #pK

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