Poem: Just tell whatever is inside you.

A advise to someone special; Forget, Forgive and feel free… Enjoy life to fullest.
“Life will flow
You don’t need to wait for anybody
Anything in your heart
Do convey to special somebody.
If you think I’ll tell 
After sometime
Then you may get late for the lifetime.
Time never waits for them
Nor for you too,
Keep spreading Love
Coz you are here so to do…
Don’t ever think too much,
Just say whatever there comes first,
What worst will happen
Just you will get the ‘NO’
Situation will surely change
Be firm & Move,
Either you will give up,
Or be prepared to Celebrate the victory;
That’s up to you..” 

With Love,
Ink SLinger #pK :D


Keep reading! Keep Smiling! 

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