Poem: Unusual LoveStory :'(

Sorry once again,
A broken Heart poem… still so much missing in it, coz feelings can’t express in words completely. </3            :'(              </3                  :'(

“Telling truth, my heart beats,
‘Kan-Kan’ saying stop it please.
Still, I forth to tell her,
That how much I Love her.
She accepted my proposal,
But it’s not the right time of it.. (We Think..)
I took a step back,
And everything just got vanish.
It was very obvious,
that she will not trust me anymore.
Coz innocent I was,
and to make her mine, 
I make the lie’s shore.
I found myself guilty,
the very moment I confessed all which is so right.
She got deeply hurt,
Blocked me from all means,
and left me with tears to fight.
I regret myself for
this harsh step.
Still, I love her with my fullest,
Knowing that she’ll never look back again,
then also, I stop in my life,
waiting for her again and again.”

I hope, If you’re reading this poem then please forgive me. I’m really sorry for everything. I just need my friend, I just need you.

With Love,
Ink SLinger #pK 
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