Get-together? Noh.. Let’s make a WhatsApp group :/

I remembered, when I was kid we used to play day-night tirelessly. The only thing which we want so desperately was “Let’s meet all friends… Let’s find some ‘katta..’ “ , and this only desired makes us so strong that nobody can stop us. We were simply unstoppable. Isn’t it? But time changed so much from early 2000 to 2015. Technology is there to make us feel cooler and smarter. To do things faster and efficiently we have smart phones. And in this ever growing journey, we missed something, yeah! That cricket match, that everyday get-together, that amazing innocent smile, we missed our ‘friends’??
Simply, in my opinion, technology is the journey from that get-together to the WhatsApp and Hike group. Isn’t it? 
We used to have a big group and amazing thing about that is the group names such as “chillar party, dost party, rockers, buddies…”, yeah these names seems to be so funny now, but these were the thing of high respect for us that days. But now, we have technology, we play together, that too online, away from others. 


With Love,
Ink SLinger #pK

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