Gift for Guruji??? (Happie Bdae Gurudev!)

“Tera Main… Main Tera…”
It is the most loving day for me, as today is my Master’s B’day. Yes! Today is the date 13th May- ‘Tera Main’ and He always says ‘Main Tera’. Truly this man has touched millions of hearts across the World. From beggars to Prime-Ministers, everyone seeks his blessings. Just one thing to say-
“Happie Bdae Guruji!”
“Always, HE gives me whatever I want
now, today is HIS birthday
I know,
There is nothing which HE doesn’t have
and so I’m clueless to offer HIM.. B’day gift
Praying to God for HIS long life,
too will be most common
What to gift HIM,
now the question lingered?
It is as difficult as
making milk again from curd
as this MAN is the most fulfilled one.
Can’t offer prayer to one,
Who blessed all
Can’t offer Smile,
coz the most amazing HE already has.
Can’t offer words,
as HE is the kingdom of it.
Can’t offer Love,
as HE is the Love shelter for all beings.
GURUDEV! You have always been a guide friend and philosopher to me,
Please help me to choose a GIFT for YOU.”
With Love,
Ink SLinger #pK
@PrasadAol Twitter)
Keep Reading! Keep Blessing!

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