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Now today we can see Facebook is heavily populated, and there is so much additional features in it. As per my opinion it is “Diluted Social Media”. And whereas WhatsApp, it’s amazing just too boring: in the sense, when people send some forwarded msgs of big length and called it as “Market m naya h, Forward karo…”;

It”s high time to move on from this, don’t ignore or deactivate them, but lets set some new dimensions for social media.

I will recommend : TWITTER

Why so?
– Twitter doesn’t allows to share something, which is more than 140 characters ( That’s quite amazing, no need to waste so much time reading some big stuffs..)
– Also, Twitter is much more updated in day-to-day life, even some news get on twitter first then on NEWS channels and other social media.
– We can easily follow our leaders and get to know what they tweets.
– It is very easy to understand, just have 4 to 5 simple steps:
         – Tweet, Retweet, Quote, Favorite, Reply; that’s it. 
Guide to Twitter:
– Open account as you do in other platforms.
– Set your handle short (My recommendation); What is handle now?
    It’s like @xyz ; short is recommendable because if somebody wants to tag you, they can easily tag you without concern of characters used.
– Follow your leaders, you can follow so many people there, like I follow @SriSri (Official handle of His Holiness Sri Sri RavishankarJi) and so many others like @TOI etc..
– Tweet some awesome quotes, tag your friends and also you can tag your leaders.
   eg.   “Amazing and blissful session with @SaleelPu at @TriveniAshram Pune ” in this I have tagged two personalities, with ‘@’ , make sure to give spaces before and after tag.
– ‘Retweet’ ( Share ) tweets which you like. You can also mark them ‘Favorite’ (Like) and can ‘Reply’ (Comment) on them, all this options are below all tweets.
– Make some trends, follow some trends, and tweet on them. You can search the trending topics in search section too. Trends are like ” #AOLPune “, just like we use hashtag ‘#’ on Insta and facebook.
– Also it allows us to send some personal msgs to anybody.
That’s it! Atleast invest sometime (15-20mins) daily, so that you will learn it and enjoy it. :) 
You can follow me @PrasadAol on twitter and for any query you can msg me in Twitter only. 

Note for Art of Living Devotees,
We have started making teams of Social Media for efficient and smart work.
Those who want to take responsibility of Social Media in your city you can ping me on 9421219919
and those who are in Pune can join us, same ping me.

With Love,
Ink Slinger #pK :)

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