Poem: And So you’re busy? It’s OK! I am waiting for you. (Busy Love)

And so, this is a WAITING HEART poem. Hope you will like it! 
“I know I bother you too much
I know you are too busy, to be with me, in touch,
but you please don’t worry,
I am waiting for you, my cherry.
I am waiting for your reply,
to get that sweet ‘Hi’, I am waiting.
You have exams, don’t you worry,
Study well with full focus, I am waiting.
You have ‘friends’ time, you do enjoy,
Don’t think too much of me,
I’m there only, waiting.
Yes! obviously family is the priority,
You be with them,
What about me?
Relax, I am just waiting.
That day will be memorable for me,
to catch your glimpse and have two words to feel.
You’re tired my baby? It’s okay dear, have some sleep
And yeah, don’t feel guilty,
Coz I will be waiting.
Try to hear my cries,
Coz I can’t cry more louder.
Try to feel my pain,
Coz I can’t be more shattered.
Try to listen my heart,
Coz it beats just for you.
Try to see my Love,
Coz I can’t go beyond the infinity.
Try to reply once,
Coz I am waiting for you.
Life will flow,
Everybody will grow,
You please concentrate on your career,
Don’t think too much of me,
Don’t care too much of me
Coz now I’m used to,
M doing nothing, Just waiting for you.
You are busy, huh :/
So, might be possible that in this life,
We can’t be ONE from TWO.
But dear, don’t you blame yourself,
I will be waiting for you,
This birth, the next and so on,
till our soul will get near.
Love you so much dear <3 “
With Love,
Ink SLinger #pK
@PrasadAol Twitter)

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