Poem: Do you still Love me?

Sorry Readers! I know I’m very late this time..
“It’s been a long time you had chat with me
It seems that you have lost interest in me
Might possible that you’re too busy to reply
But I think 1 min is enough, to send Hi

I don’t remember the last time, we had some lovely time,
Two sweet words and emoticons nine..
If you’re angry with me, then please have some talk,
Don’t ignore me as this, else my life will stop!

You’re the only person, who I share everything
Now, you’re not there and hardly my mobile rings
I have been waiting for your call for long
You will ask How was your day?, and I will become again strong.

But it seems you lost interest in me, 
I will cherish that moment, when you will be.
Yeah! When you will be…

#MissingYou :'( “
With Love,

Ink SLinger #pK
@PrasadAol (Twitter)

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