Poem: Indian Crabs :/

Hello readers!
It’s being long time, I’m posting something. It is not that I’m too lazy to update my blog but lot of things are going on. The era of revolution has begun. In this poem, I tried to convey message to some of my friends, who always tries to pull you down! 
Hope they will get my point!
Here I go…
” Whenever, he tried,
He faces failure.
Whenever, he fights,
He gives up.
All the time he thinks that how he will come out of it,
But those INDIAN crabs are the cleverest,
At the final position, when he was ready to forth,
They pull him down again.
None of the crabs have the habit of praising,
Just the height of jealousy and ditching.
No one can see others to achieve heights,
Don’t know why they all unnecessarily fights.
One should be happy with other’s win,
But here the situation is exactly opposite.
Please God give them courage,
To face the truth.
That the person who wins,
is on his own efforts.
Change the tendency of being INDIAN crab
Because it just not hurt someone,
but it also let Indians down!
Think on it! “
With Love,
Ink SLinger #pK
@PrasadAol (Twitter)

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