Reservation system – A way to encourage or make people more weak?

Indeed! This topic is little sensitive and is one of the major issues our country faces today. Two reasons why I’m writing on this:
1. I’m someone who is affected because of this (so a way of expressing gratitude to our Government; How? You! Read on to know what I’m talking about).

2. I want to add one amazing input to this topic — something like a different way of looking at this situation.
So, here I go…
Just as the majority’s opinion, I too think that Reservation is needed to encourage the backward classes of our country; however, Reservation should not be done on the basis of talent but on the basis of the economic strength of the family. 
Today, an amazing point struck me and all my shitty concepts shattered in a jiffy. It isn’t such an obvious point and not work 100%, but the point is 110% true.
My Point:
We are all given equal rights in our democracy — we all have some talent or another and we all have that inner strength which helps us to go through any hard phase of our lives, right? 
People from the Reserved (Backward classes / Women) category are also able to do anything with their strength. If somebody is ruling over them, then they should have the guts to overcome that; they should have the confidence to come out of all their shit. In our country, one can see that if we want to encourage anyone, we make them weaker! Is that the only way?
It’s as simple as playing chess — you just need your mind. Say there is a boy who is very capable of walking, but just because he feels weak, he isn’t trying to — he isn’t breaking his comfort zones. And WE THE INDIANS, SAVIOR OF ALL, give him a walking stick to walk
This is the situation with the Reservation system. We are making the weak weaker by giving them privileges, that is, Reservation. Why? To make them strong? Shyyaaa… Definitely not possible this way. We are not allowing them to come out of their comfort zones to achieve something which they deserve. 
Think on it! Either cancel all Reservation and help them to stand on their own feet, or make the weak further weaker.

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With Love,

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