Article: Ganesha Festival??

First of all, I would like to wish you all a very Happy Ganesha Festival. I know, I am very late, but to be frank, in last few days I was quite busy in transforming young lives by encouraging young minds to participate in YES!+ workshop of +The Art of Living .

You might be surprised that why I put ‘??’ (Question marks) in the title; It is not the typing fault but I intentionally put that. WHY?

Ganesha is the symbol of Knowledge and Intellect. We celebrate Ganesh festival to get blessings of Lord Ganesha to increase our knowledge. Each and every part of Ganesha symbolized something or other.


If you look at this image carefully, you will find that Ganesha is one who teaches us How to live.

But what is happening???? 

In this 10 days I have seen many Ganesh Mandals (Groups), doing insane things in the name of Ganesha. There is lot of difference in actual Bhakti and the thing which they called Bhakti.

What disappointed me????

– Loud DJ, which contribute in Sound Pollution. And yeah in spite of playing bhajans or the songs related to Lord Ganesha or other God, many of the groups,used to play item and irrelevant songs
– Consumption of Alcohol by the group members and dancing in front of Lord’s idol.
– Mandals are meant to unite all, but here there are 4-5 mandals in every 1 kms.
– Taking of many donations and not using it properly.
 – Huge banners with small Ganesha photo and GIGANTIC HORRIBLE photos of Mandal’s members.

You know, the money they collected,they can use it in some social work rather than wasting it on loud DJ’s and banners. Today, we need SENSIBLE and AWARE youngsters, so that we can make our India better country.

Farmers are doing suicide, many don’t study due to lack of money and resources,many sleep hungry daily; and these guys want to spend money ruthlessly on external things to impress others.

If any of the Mandal’s members are reading this; I urge them not to waste money and resources. Lord Ganesha will love to see that one is helping other; I don’t think that he wants this loud DJ’s and big photos and Idols of him and beautiful decoration. He will surely love to see us working for people.

If you find this article is sensible, then do share it!

With Love,

Ink SLinger #pK

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