Article: Seeking Happiness?

Hello all!

Are you in search of peace of mind and happiness?
If, yes; then today I’m pretty much sure that you will get your way!

Check out this amazing facts:


Running after happiness —> Happiness runs away from you.


Thinking and dreaming for peaceful mind ( The great Law of Attraction as explained in The Secret ) —> Get you in more miserable state.

Isn’t this both facts are true?

I heard one story of happiness, and I like to share with you all:

“Once there was a dog, who wants to get peace of mind and hence happiness. One day one wise owl came to him and said him that your happiness is in your tail, catch it. And from that moment that dog got in practice to catch his own tail. He use to revolve around its own body but every time he failed. One day one extremely beautiful cat saw him revolving to his own self; she laughed at him. Tired dog asked her that “Why are you laughing at me?” In reply, she said him “Why are you doing such nuisance?” Then the dog said that he is catching his happiness and peace of mind which is in his tail. Then that smart cat said him that “Look at me” as she walked with full pride with a big smile on her face and with full of contentment. Then she conveyed that: When we walk with pride and smile, peace of mind and hence happiness follows us; as her tail followed her!”

Isn’t that true? we are running in such a race where there is no end line. Peace of mind and happiness is the state which is possible if you accept things and move on with contentment,

So, Don’t worry! Be happy.

and if this don’t work for you–> Join “Happiness Program” of +The Art of Living and learn Sudarshan Kriya. And believe me, it will work for you.

with Love,

Ink SLinger #pK

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