Article: Blame Game

Man: This is ridiculous! I always want a baby boy, but in your stomach it is a girl! How can you do this to me? You bitch! Tell me, whose child is this..

Woman: It is not in my hand. God has gifted us the princess. What can we do?

Man: Abortion. Kill that bitch!

Woman: No! Why you are killing the innocent unborn. God has gifted us the Princess.

Man: Oh! She will be headache for us for the lifetime. Her studies, her desires and then marriage, No! I don’t want her.

Woman: I am also a female! Your mother too.. How life will grow if we will encourage female foeticide?

This was just an example! Indeed, that there is vast decreased in killing of girl child but my topic is different.

I think all the problems in this world is because of the game, yes! the “BLAME GAME”. I have read somewhere that “Losers have thousands of reasons to not face the problem but winners have thousands of ways to solve the same” and in fact, I found this very accurate.

Do you ever noticed that whenever there is problem in your life, what was your first ever reaction to it? Maybe it is fear, but BLAMING the destiny and other is the heart in increasing the pain and power of the problem. For eg: Some lady got married to a wrong guy ( say Alcoholic) and they had children in few years and both are girl. Now the man in the power (as per ideology Man is more powerful, I feel it is Irony) beats his wife and girl child.  Years passed… and what is there is mind of the victims? BLAME, just BLAME.. as blaming the destiny that I got such father who is alcoholic, he don’t love us, etc. etc. and they suffer for the time till the man counts his last breathe.

But in the same case if they ever stopped blaming and start taking intelligent action then the situation might be change.

There are always two ways in ones bad time: 
BLAME everyone including yourself and your destiny 
and the other is
ACCEPT everything and take the perfect action.

Reminder: If you are aware, you might have noticed that every problem in your life is getting solved by themselves easily, you don’t need to worry so much! worry intensifies the problem and smile and peaceful and calm mind solves half of the problem.

Just wake up and walk ahead. every problem is getting solved there’s some power with you. You are not alone my dear. Wake up! — +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


Credits: Thanks to that girl who unintentionally forced me to write on this topic and also best wishes to her in fighting the problem she is facing!

SMILE and Everything is OKAY! Just know this!
Ink SLinger #pK

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