Message on Diwali :)

Hello Friends,
I’m very glad to inform that on the occasion of Diwali, I am launching my website and it is now LIVE on internet. You can check it out and send me your personal suggestions. It is about IDEAS, and MANIFESTATION of IDEAS. Here I present my short poem on Diwali too.. :) :)
Diwali is the festival of Love and Peace
The Festival everyone cherish..
It’s the day of celebration and 
Enjoy the beautiful creation.
Sweets, Fire-Crackers, Lights and Lamps
These are complimentary pleasures
But meeting all loved ones
is actually the winning treasure.
Wishing all my loving friends a very happy and prosperous DIWALI.. in my language,
“Din Din Diwali”
Our life is very short to keep solving one problem one after another.. Just wake up and walk ahead, problems will get solved by themselves, There’s some power with you.
Yes! There’s someone who is taking care of us all the time. And know one thing, whatever happens, it’s for the BEST. So no worry, shorry.. Just Chillofy and Enjofy the festival of LIGHTS.


With Love and warm wishes,
Ink SLinger #pK
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Prasad Karwa

Volunteer of @ArtOfLiving ; Devotee of @SriSri Ravi Shankar Ji ; Digital Marketer & Website Designer | I am proud follower of @narendramodi Ji. #ProudIndian

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