Article: Juvenile Justice Amendment Bill 2015

After the Dec 16, 2012 gang rape in Delhi, it triggered so many changes in criminal laws in our country, especially in the case of rape. Today, The Rajya Sabha passed the new law replacing the existing one.

The big change in the law is that now the bill allows for juveniles 16 years+ to be tried as adults for heinous crimes like murder, rapes etc. Also, the punishment is increased from 3 years to 7 years or more but still no life imprisonment and hanged to death. There are so many other things included in the new law which I don’t think is relevant to share.

Learning: One big incident happened in the country and so many things triggered.. Do we need such more?? Our system is paralyzed and it can perform well only if some young generation enter in the politics. It was the indicator to our system that to reform so many other bills and laws which are not relevant in this decade but are running from almost 4-5 decades.

Hoping for the best. Hoping for the Ache Din.

with Love,

Ink SLinger #pK

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