Article: PRESStitutes

So, yeah! India is intolerant country? If someone says something we make it loud clear and so our most intelligent and sensible media (Press) helps us.

Had gone through so many various incidents happening in our country India from last few months. And what I noticed is The whole crappy politics, media, bollywood or can say entertainment industry and anti-national people are pulling down the image of our country. The main role in this disastrous doing is of media – The PRESStitutes, as they are the most influential whereas, God Father of this doing is Politicians.

On shivratri – they telecast that so much of milk is wasted on the stone which these hindu people regard as God; but they never show such thing when so many cow who gives so much of milk in her life is being slaughtered. It’s like yelling on wasting of 1 product and silence on the shutdown of the company, which produces the same product. Similarly, on diwali they see pollution and on new year eve it is celebration. HYPOCRISY!

If I would write each and everything, it would take days and days for me. And it will be just another some words of BHAKTS ( modified word for the TRUE INDIAN ).

Just want to say one thing:- Don’t get influenced by the others. Believe in yourself and in your country. You are born in the greatest country of all time. Be a proud Indian. Don’t complain and support complaining people, rather come out and help the needy people. You are not here to witness the happenings, let’s move together and show the world that we are Indians and we are proud of it.


Ink SLinger 

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