Article: It was 1am!!

 Hello Folks!

First of all very sorry for not updating blog frequently. I am involved in some other imp things. Anyways! I think this article will help you in many ways. So, do read it and let me know how it is.

So, as name of the article ” It was 1am “. The actual story is nothing to do with it, it is the time at which the incident happen.
So here I go,

From last some days I was quiet disturbed. Some things in life were going wrong and some were absolutely fantastic. Living in two extremes seemed to be mind struggling for me. I have heard many times from wise people, that if you are disturbed or some thoughts or feelings are bothering you, then take a cold water bath; ‘Dangerous thing to do in this cold season for me’.

Today, eventually, not the cold water bath but I got a cold breeze bath. 90kmph ( Max. Speed of my vehicle ), straight and smooth highway ( difficult to find such roads :D ) and freezing cold breeze. I was totally into the cold breeze bath. At that time, I was experiencing the touch of every cold nano particle of the Air, they were on my noes, eyes and, and, everywhere. It was wonderful, simply awesome. I used to fear from cold breeze, but I really loved it today.

When I started my vehicle, there were thousands of thoughts troubling my mind. But now, a clean and clear vision, a focused and composite mind, an aware state of being. And, yeah! This is what I desired for from last some days.

So, yes COLD things actually works ( My perception ). And the thing I learned in those days integrated with this incident is -> I tried everything, every possible thing but nothing helped. Then I prayed sincerely to almighty, and see, I got the journey of 90kmph and freezing cold breeze bath.

“When you think that it is not possible and now I can’t do it, PRAY… PRAY to almighty. Know this, that Divine is taking care of you each and every moment.” 



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