35 ways in which Art Of Living has changed my life

Why we need Art of Living

          Our mind tends to oscillate between past and future. We are either regretting the past or becoming anxious about the future even though we know that life is in the present moment.
       We are often so influenced by others opinions that we sometimes pretend to be who we are not to impress them
          To come out of out comfort zone
          To live a life of celebration
          To surrender negativity
          To conquer fear
          To handle our emotions

No transformation is possible without inner peace, which comes from regular practice of Sudarshan Kriya and meditation, one of the main techniques for stress elimination taught in the Happiness Program. The Sudarshan Kriya releases the toxins present in the body, heals nervous disorders, dizziness, fatigue, and abnormal changes in blood pressure. It heals the body at several levels. Whenever I do the Kriya, I feel healed and calm from inside. Every cell of my body is energized. 

Heres how the Art of Living Program helped me

1.       Become more positive
2.       Findlost joy
3.       Discover inner peace and wisdom
4.       Negotiate problems
5.       Breathe to find peace
6.       Know myself
7.       Connect with creation
8.       Discover the one world family
9.       Stretch my hand first
10.   Celebrate life
11.   Experience acceptance
12.   Understand that  opposite values are complimentary to each other
13.   Celebrate silence
14.   Observe-filter- surrender
15.   Find relief in sharing
16.   Yoga for good health
17.   Value service
18.   Release negativity
19.   Conquer fear
20.   Praise
21.   Say yes to life
22.   Increase concentration levels
23.   Form better relationships
24.   Flush out anger, anxiety, and worry
25.   Heal body, mind, and spirit
26.   Cultivate personal and social responsibility
27.   Develop ease in any situation
28.   Develop Better intuitive capabilities
29.   Improve immunity
30.   Reduce aging
31.   Become more Creative
32.   Rejuvenate myself
33.   Develop pleasant personality
34.   Create a magical environment everywhere
35.   Experience new depth in life

From the experience of Diksha Naruka :

Its been just 3 months since I did my first Art of living course, the Happiness Program. What I experienced in this course was amazing. I became aware of my tendencies and learned that I can transform myself.  Now when I look back and see myself as the girl who used to be so confused, emotional, who could not differentiate between good and bad, I dont recognize that person. I have now come to know what belongingness and true love really mean. Until I did the course, I always felt something was missing.

We were taught so much at school, but nobody ever taught us how to handle negativity and emotional turmoil, how to stay strong during the tough times or how to choose between the head and the heart when theres a tussle. There are so many youngsters who are committing suicide, unable to handle the pressures of life and society. This needs to stop.

Credits: Name: Diksha Naruka


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  1. Good narration of experience by Dhiksha Naruka..totally like that way of describing things like that….i can simply imagine, from these words..gud.. Hats off

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