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From the words of Mayank Chaudhari:
 “How Art of Living has helped me to make a contribution to the world?”
It was during the Art of Living Happiness program, designed by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar himself,Founder, Art of Living that where I realized that in the journey of almost quarter a century, I have taken so much from this world but didnt once think of doing something in return. Thats when I decided to start contributing to the world.

My first contribution was to become aware of my surroundings and my environment. I began tosave water, stopped wasting food, and started walking more.

The second was to meditate and spread more positivity and harmony, which has to begin with me.

I began taking part in the service projects run by the Foundation in my hometown. I started organizing courses for underprivileged children,  youth, senior citizens and the corporate society.

I began to take part in cleanliness drives in the nearby villages even before  the Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan was launched. The Foundation has always been a step ahead towards change for better.

I also worked for the Volunteer For Better India, where we conducted several voting awareness campaigns to help improve the voting percentage in the country..

Our team collected funds for free schools under the Gift A Smile project which seeks to fund the education of underprivileged children. The Foundation now runs over 241 free schools across the country under this project.

Inspired by Sri Sris vision, we started free tuition classes named Sri Sri Pathshala for slum children who were first generation learners, in my city.

We have been spreading awareness about the importance of yoga and meditation. I have also turned vegetarian, in order to cut my Carbon Footprint. We planted over 1000 trees in Sonepat on Earth Day.

On the occasion of Sri Sri Ravi Shankars birthday, our local Art of Living chapter donated food, clothes and books to underprivileged children.

We organized Youth Leadership Training Programs to help unemployed youth in rural areas. We also began urban farming in our homes in order to spread awareness about organic farming.

I also volunteered in several relief camps set-up by the Foundation during natural and man-made calamities, attending to needs of the victims and contributing towards trauma relief.

I also ensure to spread awareness on substance abuse and educate youth about their social responsibilities, promoting health and wellness and developing belongingness among people.

I was able to contribute to society only because of my association with the Art of Living Foundation. It has changed the way I look at the world. I have realized what it means to be part of a One World Family. I hope to continue working towards making the world a better place to live.

In the chaos of daily life, the world is and will continue witnessing fresh wave of happiness and peace with the presence of people like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

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