Art of Living – Miracles “Healing Experiences”

Healing Experiences

Many individuals have reported healing experiences following Art of Living (AOL) programs, specifically following Sudarshan Kriya (SK) and Pranayama (P). Experiences were recorded, when subjects came to do part II (Advanced) AOL program. Some of the experiences are narrated below:

1.      G S from Bhillai was bedridden for 6 months. Had taken allopathic and homeopathic therapy – Had ankylosis of left hip joint – was advised left hip replacement.
He did Part I course but did not practice SK.
He happened to participate in one of the Maha kriya and he noticed –his limbs had started moving. From then on he is on regular practice of SK and P
2.      K  Developed left sided paralysis. After under taking Part I program – within few days he felt – about 80 per cent improvement; within one month – he fully recovered.
3.      H   from Mumbai was suffering from lumbar spondylosis and Rheumatoid arthritis from many years.
After doing DSN course of Art of Living, he felt better and stopped going to the doctor. He can now sit and meditate without support.
4.      F O suffered from Asthma and was on medication.
Following Part I AOL – within 4 months- felt great. Her doctor said she had overcome the disease. She feels reborn at the age of 55 and lives life fully.
Many more patients with asthma and bronchitis have improved with the practice of SK and P – Many have come off medication, even steroids and leading a normal life.
5.      Dr. S M from Delhi had developed stiff back to the extent that she had to give up her job. She was prescribed steroids. Then she did Art of living part I program – following which she could walk and resume her normal day to day activities – she was so impressed that ultimately she herself became an Art of Living teacher and started teaching Sudarshan Kriya to other people.
Many other individuals have reported that their neck pains, back pains, knee pains due to arthritis, spondylosis etc. disappeared after the practice of SK and after other AOL programs.
6.      M, 44 years teacher from Bahrain, was suffering from migraine since childhood, was always on medication, within one month of part I AOL program, medications totally stopped as she recovered from migraine completely. She is most regular with the practice of SK and P.
7.      S M suffered from migraine for many years. Used to get severe migraine attacks at least twice a month. Then happened to do Part I AOL program – migraine disappeared. Then did many more AOL program and now she is herself young adult and Art Excel teacher.
Many more individuals reported relief from migraine after doing AOL program.
8.      PL was suffering from high blood pressure. In 1994 – he met with a car accident, had a head injury, and required 17 stitches. Also developed back problem. Had difficulty in standing and had respiratory problems. After the first SK  his blood pressure came down. Backache disappeared and over a period of time required no medication. He has been regular with the practice of SK and has done Part II program, DSN and Eternity process; has lost 22Kgs of weight. He now works in office with no stress. Hardly ever takes leave.
Many more individuals have reported decrease in blood pressure after the practice of SK.
9.      After the death of young son in road accident, went into depression. After 11 months, happened to do part I AOL program followed by part II. Depression got replaced by enthusiasm. Now wishes to become an AOL teacher so as to help others also.
10.  M, Civil Engineer from Siligudi suffered from old age problem of insomnia and fear of death; was requiring Psychiatric treatment for 3 years with antidepressants and sedatives. Following part I program done 15 months back, M is no longer on medication. Has no tension and fears. Considers himself to be 75 per cent healthy.
11.  S P and M had been diabetics; Sugar level were often more than 300. Following part I program, sugar levels reduced; after part II program, sugar levels normalized.
Resource/ Credits: 
Chairperson and Head of Department,
Ved Vignan Maha Vidya Peeth,
Sri Sri Institute of Advanced research (Research Division), Bangalore – 560082.

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