How Art of Living has made the world a better place?

ART OF LIVING has been serving the world to make it a beautiful place to live in, showing people the true art of living.

Here are the ways Art of Living has helped serve humanity
1. Yoga, pranayam, Sudarshan Kriya and meditation are the highlights of the exciting Art of Living program.
2. These techniques help lead a long, healthy life
3. They help people lead a stress-free life, full of positivity.
4. It gradually uplifts people from their current state of mind to a state of joy and peace.
5. The programs uplift body, mind and soul.
6. They help us introspect, realize our potential and become socially responsible.
7. Through the foundation, I was able to do a lot of social service.
8. Art of Living is engaged in several service projects around the world handling conflict resolution, disaster and trauma relief, women empowerment, prisoner rehabilitation, education for the underprivileged, campaigns against female foeticide and child labour and environment sustainability.
9. The Foundation has also helped the government through programs on rural development and river rejuvination.
10. Through the ‘Volunteer for Better India’ campaign in collaboration with civic authorities and environmentalists, the foundation inspired citizens of India to contribute towards society and nation-building.
11. The foundation contributed towards the  farmer suicide issue in Vidarbha throough ‘Project Vidarbha – ‘Swavalamban programme’
12. In partnership with United Nations Millennium Campaign and United Nations Environment Programme the ‘Mission Green Earth Stand Up Take Action’ campaign launched by the campaign helped plant 100 million trees around the world.
13. Satsangs at the foundation are a deeply rejuvenating experience
14. The Art of Living has organized several Guinness World Record winning events
15. The tremendous effortss by the organization towards saving humanity are commendable
16. I have found so much contentment after the Yes Plus program
17. I have learn’t to deal with confusion
18. Art of Living programs add so much value to human life.
19. Knowledge sessions are helpful in clearing all the doubts about life.
20. Its biggest service is in offering relief to people in this era.

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Credits: Harshit Agrawal :D



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