Living with hope – I know where to look for an ideal world

Living with hope- I know where to look for the ideal world.

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world
will live as one”-John Lennon

An ideal world cannot be created .It can only be hoped for. If it is hoped for, it will start to exist! That
is because each one of us carries our own little world within ourselves. And though we may be far
away from each other and totally dis-connected ,
yet our little worlds within us are always
connected. Today’s world is blessed to be connected through technology .But have you ever realised
that even though technology helps to connect us, we can never feel truly connected to somebody
unless we tune our hearts to do so.

This is the ideal world-when we identify ourselves with every other soul on the planet. This is what
the World Culture Festival aims at-bringing together the diversity of different nations and cultures at
one point in time and space. It is events like the World Culture Festival which make us realise that
each one of us are different and yet the same. That we all live with the same hopes and longings.
That the very nature of all of us is to love. That we all realise the pressing need of the moment is
world peace.

The concept of one world is as old as our scriptures-“Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam”-The whole world is
but one family. Our fore-fathers realised long back the importance of this universal truth. And
technology today has bridged the gap between people and countries. The world ‘globalisation’ is a
modern interpretation of “Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam”. The World Culture Festival in New Delhi is
perhaps the first of its kind that will show to the world the power of oneness. When 3.5 million
people sing,dance,meditate and celebrate life the boundaries shall blur. This is the ideal world we all
hope for- not one created by power, not one created by technology , but one that already exists
inside each one of us.

God created an ideal world for us.It was borne out of one consciousness. The diversity he created in
nature was to appreciate the uniqueness and beauty of each entity on Mother Earth.Unless we
come back to our very nature,that we all are but parts of one,and that only being together can keep
us whole,the search for an ideal world will remain a far-off dream. What is the greatest thing that we
hope for in the world today –Peace. Only a world that is peaceful can prosper. A world torn apart by
terror, suspicion and ill-will can never prosper. Hoping for world peace would be futile if we do not
hope of dissolving the margins between cultures and religions.The World Culture Festival aims at
precisely this. It aims to create an event for the world to see that we are all different yet one. That
the world is our only home which we shall bequeath to our children.

So let our quest for an ideal world begin with our journey inwards, a journey towards self. It is this
journey which will take you to the beginning of the journey where we all will walk together in an
ideal world .

Credits : Seema Bajaj

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