My Immortal World – by Krithika Raman

I was meeting the girls after ages. It suddenly seemed like a welcome change to leave the kids and all
the chores behind and go for a carefree cup of coffee to the coffee shop with my girlfriends, something I
had not done for a long time.

Conversation flowed as usual with laughs and shrieks over various cups of coffee and glares from the
other guests in the coffee shop
who were not too happy to have their quiet evening disturbed by a
group of noisy middle-aged women. As I was taking in the surroundings, I suddenly realized that I was in
my usual way, watching everything that was happening around me including myself with a deep sense
of contentment and peace that had now become natural to me.

I could see my friend now ranting about how her household help was taking her for granted and would
insist on eating the organic vegetables and fruits that was bought for her family. I smiled inwardly as I
could see myself several years back complaining about exactly the same thing, but now, somehow it was
very different. My household help was my best friend, someone I was eternally grateful to for helping
me run my home so efficiently and I realized I loved her as much as I did my daughters who were almost
her age.

I moved on to the next friend who was complaining about the migrane that had now become part of her
life. Blood pressure and cholesterol had become familiar words on her medical report and pills were
slowly becoming a permanent reality. I could see myself nodding my head externally sympathizing with
her while inside of me was welling up, this deep gratitude to my Guru who had whisked me away from
this mortal world of common physical ailments into a world of bliss, perfect health, yoga and flexibility.
But then it had been seventeen years now since I had first been diagnosed with high blood pressure
which was genetic; and my doctor was reluctant to put me on pills as I was only 29 years old. I used to
have frequent migranes and sinus headaches. While continuing to compassionately sympathise with my
friend, the observer inside me realized that I was now 46 years old and completely devoid of any pills.

My migranes and sinuses were a hazy memory of the past and my blood pressure was well under
control. I wondered what would have been my state today if my Guru, H. H. Sri Sri Ravishankar had not
waved his magic wand of the Sudarshan kriya over me those many years ago. Art of Living, yoga,
pranayama, meditation were all now a synonym for life for me and were my anti-ageing pills.

The friend to my right now wanted my attention, as she needed a shoulder to cry on about the stresses
that she was undergoing given the business venture that she had just set up and which was taking a toll
on her health, her family, all her relationships and her life as a whole. Again came the realization that I
was one of the lucky few who not only did my Sadhana regularly but had the unbelievable fortune of
being chosen by Gurudev to teach the power of breath, its rhythmic patterns and its effect on emotions,
to the world that so desperately needed it today.

As I was watching the action in the coffee shop from a few feet above our heads, I was also reminiscing
about how my life had now slowly but undeniably become free of aches and pains, mental stresses and
emotional roller coasters. I realized that nothing really bothered me any more on a deep level, fears and
insecurities about myself, my children and husband were a thing of the past; there was deep seated
contentment and joy all the time and just the mention of the words Sri Sri or Guru brought forth gushing
tears of gratitude. It was hence no surprise that I now watched myself tell everyone to mark their
calendars for 11th to 13th Mar, 2016 and join me for the World Culture Festival being held in Delhi. It was
time for the magic to unfold en masse and for the world to witness and realize that there is an alternate
way to life than the mortal world of misery everyone seemed to live in. I wanted to drag everyone with
me to experience my world – my unique Immortal world!!

Credits: Krithika Raman

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