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Stress Management through Happiness Program
As Sri Sri has beautifully explained, “Unless we have a stress free mind and a violence free society, we cannot achieve world peace.” Happiness Program is one such tool which helps to get rid of stress and experience the inner peace which is the ultimate bliss. 
Usually all our actions are geared to make us happy. But seldom we realize that what we are looking for is actually inside us. Happiness Program takes us to this inner reservoir of joy which we overshadow with our stress. Do we ever notice
how we breathe when we are angry? It is shallow and short. And don’t we take long and deep breaths when happy and joyful? This is how stress management is taught. 
Yes, we learn that it is our breath which is the source of our unshakable smile. Other things like yoga and meditation being the part of this program adds to the benefits. The core of the Art of Living Happiness program is a unique and profound breathing technique called Sudarshan Kriya; a technique that has transformed millions of lives.
As we start understanding the rhythmic nature of our breath we realize how easy it is to manage the emotional as well as physical stress. Sudarshan kriya makes the mind calm, relaxes the body and the mind, helping us to be a happier person.  Most of the toxins in the body are released through breath. Once the significant amount of physical and emotional stress is released our entire view on life can be changed.  The few hours which one spends attending the Happiness Program are the life transforming hours. The easy to use tools taught,aid us in maintaining a blissful yet alert state of mind that increases our focus, productivity as well as alters our perception of life.,d.c2E

Mahima Rallli shared: 
” When I did my Happiness Program I had apprehensions, being a Kidney transplant patient. I had concerns about how it would work for me.But to my surprise it did wonders. When came to do the course, I had been going through a tough time and was under immense emotional stress which was ultimately hampering my health. 

As a kidney transplant patient I have to take a lot of medicines as well as precautions. While I was doing all that was required, still there was a sense of a vacuum. On doing the Happiness course, I could make out the difference in my state of mind after the very first day. By the end of the course I was a different person. It is three years since I did the course and 11 years since I had my kidney transplant. I am certainly going strong!

I have been following the tools taught or may be gifted by Sri Sri and the teachers who taught me the techniques in Happiness Program have led me this far in life with surgery being postponed three times and ultimately removing completely the need to get under the knife again.

Not only physically but emotionally and mentally too I have become stronger and able to deal with trying situations in a better way. As a student pursuing Masters in Mass Communications, I have been topping my batch since last 4 years. “
How to be Happy always? Happiness program is the Answer.
Name – Mahima Ralli

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