Sudarshan Kriya, Pranayam and Meditation


Life is like a canvas and Guruji has beautifully painted it with the Art of Living. This art has mesmerizing colors of yoga, meditation, SudarshanKriya, wisdom, education, spirituality and service that decorate our lives making it more meaningful. It is a well accomplished form of art which has influenced multitudes to lead their lives in a transformed way. Practicing this art takes us into the world where only harmony and happiness prevail, where love, non-violence, integrity, amity and togetherness have the dominant existence. It is the best epitome of Unity in Diversity. 

SudarshanKriya, Pranayam and Meditation have so many benefits that describing in a few pages won’t be enough and justified. 
SudarshanKriya is a combination of physical and mental form. It uses specific cyclical, rhythmic patterns of breath to bring the mind and body into a relaxed yet energized state. They say it is like we have undergone a surgery on the first day and then it is stitched on the next day. It’s an amazing experience to be felt from within. None can tell how sweet a honey is unless one taste it similarly one cannot share the feeling of its uniqueness if they have not performed it. It has significant physical and mental health benefits. It has been found to enhance brain activities, hormone, immunity and cardiovascular system function. It also reduces stress, depression, anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, impulsive and addictive behaviors. It helps in improving emotional regulation, takes into deep restful stages of sleep, increases mental focus and promotes awareness. It also decreases blood pressure, heart rate and improves cholesterol and lipid profile and the respiratory functions. The Kriya also develops a sharp mind. The balance of a focused mind and expanded consciousness brings perfection.
Personally I felt it is an approach towards rejuvenation, recreation, reformation from the normal life. It gives me the inner as well as outer strength to combat my weakness and emotions. I stay calm and composed and strong enough to face hardships. My skills and stamina have also improved. 
Prana means life, Pranayama means working on your breathing skills to enhance its activity and become aware about the counts of breath.  It provides us a chance to use our breath to its fullest potential. In our busy life we don’t realize that we keep missing our breaths and as a result our lifetime gets reduced. The right breathing technique will purify our blood and enhance the capacity of lungs to breathe, improving the overall respiratory system. It shapes our body and tones our skin. It increases metabolism, accentuates immunity, brings in positive energy, gives strength to our nervous system, muscular system and the whole body.
Meditation brings about balance between different states of mind. It sharpens the mind by increasing focus and expands the mind through relaxation. It is a way to dispel confusion, doubt, negativity, pain, stress, anxiety. It provides control over the seven layers of existence: Body, Breath, Mind, Intellect, Memory, Ego and Soul. It expands mind,increases the intuitive awareness, prana. When mind becomes free from agitation and is at peace then meditation happens. By meditating we can turn our body into a powerhouse of generating inner source of energy. It helps us in recognizing our infinite nature. It proves beneficial in resolving lack, overcoming painful memories, converts meek to brave, beggar to commander. It shows the other benefits of transforming chaos into peace, foes to friends, hatred to love, violence to non-violence, misery to happiness and darkness to brightness.
Art of living is like a lamp which radiates our path to the divine. If we all follow it we are surely creating a new happier world for our survival.


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