The World Culture Festival 2016

Many of my friends are asking me, That why +The Art of Living  is organizing such an big event? Does they want to show-off or to prove that they are strong?
My reply:

“World Culture Festival is not to show power
of organization
but to give the message to whole world
that good people exist and they are powerful

World Culture Festival is not to prove anything
but it is to show harmony in diversity

At one end, where the world is fighting to
terrorist organizations
World Culture Festival is to show that
let’s fix Earth Peace by Peace

3.5 million people will meditate together
The energy which will generate
will last to centuries
World Culture Festival is to make people
experience the power of meditation

Time is changing, cultures & traditions 
are also getting modified
At the perfect time, when it is need to
preserve & conserve,
World Culture Festival is the platform to give the message

It’s a small get-together of the World
from beggar to politicians
from housewife to terrorist
everyone are invited to this fest.

because it’s our festival
it is 
The World Culture Festival”
To know more about WCF – visit:
Prasad Karwa

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