“I look to the future because thats where
                                      I’m going to spend the rest of my life”
                                                              – George Burns

A common trait that unifies the entire humankind is the dream of having the perfect future. No matter what you do or what you think, at some point in life you will have found yourself envisioning what the future might look like. And honestly speaking the direction in which the world is
progressing each day, the sort of gruesome news reports one comes across every morning, the dream of having the perfect future and living in the perfect world seems to be drifting farther and farther away. Having said that, we are also striving to move towards making that dream a reality. Events like the World Culture Festival 2016 are like a ray of bright sunshine in a day shrouded in gray clouds. It brings forward hope that people from different walks of life, cultures, and backgrounds can come together at one place and exist in perfect harmony. That is where my ideal world exists!

  As individuals we often have the pleasure of being in peace with ourselves and our surroundings, but it is as a collective whole that we fail to exist in peace and harmony. The World Cultural Festival has come to us at a time when we are in a dire need to experience this peace. What a mega event like this offers us is not just a visual treat of the diverse forms of music and dance that exist across the entire world, but a chance to give rise to a collective consciousness with the aim of extending this harmony beyond the three days of the festival and into the years to come.

  Its ironic that a few handful of people with a single motive of spreading terror are able to achieve just that and we end up holding the biggest of conferences and summits with all the world leaders to combat it,however we fail to realize the power we all positive ,peace loving people together possess! Imagine the wondrous spectacle the world will behold when we as a one world one family come together for peace! The World Cultural Festival is expected to have a minimum gathering of 3.5 million people, imagine the extent of positivity exuded  when we all come together in such huge numbers with the hope to attain world peace and harmony. Lets all be the peacemakers of tomorrow and make this world worth living in, lets join hands in making our ideal world together!

Credits: Aggremma


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