World Culture Festival 2016 – For WORLD PEACE

“Have you ever wondered
why there is so much of crime?
A layer of fear & loads of terror..
If you have ever seen with your eye open
then you might have noticed
that there are many good people
in the society.
Criminals are just in the number
we can count on hands..
Still crime is strong &
spreading the things that are wrong
It is not because of them
but because of silence of good people
who sits in the home & just complains
Bad people came together
& make sure the wrong happens
Good people gets feared 
& hide at the time of battle
If we want to grow strong
& support the world peace
then it’s the right time
to come together & crush the dirty fish
No two bad people can beat us
if we come together in hundreds
Gone that day of complaining
Now it’s time for rejuvenating our goodness to strength
Let’s join hand for the world peace.
Let’s join hand for the world peace.”

I will be there at



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