World Culture Festival 2016 – Let’s fix world Peace by Peace

“The wait is over
The concepts are now no more
cocoon of small mind is destroyed
we dreamt of infinity, is what all shared
Things which no-one can do
We works toward it
Things which are out of imagination
is what we usually do
True! that the negative power 
is growing at an alarming rate &
it is creating mess in the society
But it’s time to show evils
the power of good people & almighty.
In a corner of world,
some bad people will plan,
will decide to destroy
& kill humanity.
But in the center of world
the world is coming together
for the world peace,
to celebrate diversity,
to celebrate humanity,
Truly said,
Let’s fix this world Peace by Peace.”

I will be there in Delhi for


to promote world peace & humanity

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