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Sri Sri Tours Punjab
Jahan bhakti hoti hai wahan hum kache dhage ki dor se kheeche chale aate hain said Sri Sri addressing a gathering of nearly 200 people in the Punjabi village ofUna. 
The radiant faces of the villagers were adorned with smiles, their eyes shining with hope for a better future, a better life in a better Punjab.
 In order to find the answers to certain questions one has to go within, but sometimes the society, and the mind are in so much conflict that oneis not able to hear the inner voice.
Thats probably why Sri Sri came to Punjab, in order to address the conflicts and problems that Punjab was not able to solve by itself, to bless the land which has been so blessed by the 10 gurus in its history. 
The journey began on October 18 from Amritsar and ended on October 22 in Chandigarh. He continuously traveled to 9 cities over 5 days, meeting thousands of devotees leaving everyone content.
Sri Sri is the one of the only spiritual leaders in the world, who does not just preach human values or  teach yoga and meditation, he also inspires people to take up social and political responsibility in order to build a better nation. 
He came out a phenomenon from Punjab, transforming thousands of lives. Among the highlights of his trip were his address in Amritsar on political and social issues and his talk in Anandpur sahib, where he inspired thousands to take a vow to volunteer for a better Punjab by contributing an hour every day, in the presence of honorable Chief Minister Shri Prakash Singh Badal. He emphasized on the eradication of female foeticide, de-addiction and organic farming at every event.
Zimmedari lena kamzor logo ka kaam nahi, ye sirf sache aur zimmedaar log hi kar skte hain, he said  in a gathering of around 20,000 people in an event at Ludhiana. Its amazing how skillfully he interacts with such huge crowds with such spontaneity and wit.  
He showed the same spontaneity at the Sant Sammelan Samarohat Hoshiarpur where he interacted with the representatives of various religions  giving the message of  being a sant-sipahi(saint-soldier), telling people that it is important to be peaceful inside and spontaneous and dynamic outside. 
Sri Sri, who is lovingly called Guruji,has taken responsibility for the whole world.At the same time, he has a personal connection with each of his devotees. Despite only four hours of sleep every day, there is never a hint of tiredness on his face.
The extraordinary work done by his volunteers in organizing the event was commendable. This is what happens when good people come together to do good work. As Sri Sri says, bad things happen in the world only because of the silence of the good people. And in my opinion, that is why he came to Punjab, to make the good people strong and empowered.
Credits : Devanshi Verma

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