WCF Stage : A Miracle :)

“Now at a distance of 500 meters
It was my fifth time
I tried to capture it with my eyes
Without moving my head
But still it was impossible

I was still in shock that
It is actually this big
Each time that I tried
To catch it
I failed

It was more than wonder
You could call it a dream or
Magical phenomenon
“How is this possible?”
Was the only question
Running in my mind

Without any firm base
It was still and strong
Thousands are on it
The wind speed is alarming
Yet nothing is capable of shaking it

I can’t call it human expertise
Coz it is beyond that
I close my eyes
And questions get answered
Then I know what was
the base, the strength, and the power

Each time he makes me wonder
And now I too rely on miracles

Yeah! I am talking about
the world’s largest stage
The stage of the World Culture Festival
The whooping 7.5 acre area
And just another miracle of my Master”

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Prasad Karwa

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