Poem : I Believe

I believe.
When things get wrong, there’s something which is going to be good.
I believe.
When life is going topsy-turvy, someone always remain our side.
I believe.
When clouds of sorrow shades us, the rain of hope will shower.
I believe.
When our trust is broken and we are in grief, someone will be there to make us smile.
I believe.
When everyone will be against us, our will power will stand with us.
I believe.
No matter, what’s happening in life.
No matter, who is burning all colorful pages of our life.
No matter, if things are not going as per our expectations. 
I believe that we can win.
I believe that we can celebrate each moment.

I believe that we are Joy.

Just, need to open our eyes and see around.
We are love.. We are Peace.. We are ONE..


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