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Hello Friends!

It’s the story of manifestation. Manifestation of words. Few months ago, In one of the Art of Living Program, I said to all that I want to start my own business. Might, that day it was just a word but now it’s a reality. I have seen my words manifesting.

I’m very thankful to all who supported me in this amazing journey.

So, my business is to give more business to others. To make brands. Things, which I love to do, is what I’m doing now. BRANDING WORLD – Think Different! Think Digital! That’s the name blessed by my mentor – Saleel Bhaiya
(Between you can click on his name to check out his website – “Designed by me :P”)

Gratitude to SSRDP (Sri Sri Rural Development Program Trust) – Art of Living to provide me initial fundings for my start-up.

Very Very Very special thanks to my Parents – who always stands by me. Also, I would like to thanks my crazy cousins and friends & family.

Last but not the least – I owe this everything to my Guru – my Master – my Love – my Life – Dear Guruji “H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji” to inspired me.

P.S. I give services of Web Design, Digital Marketing, Content Management & App Development. 
Why don’t you say HI to me? -> branding [email protected] | +91 70204 25542 
Interested one can also fill the form – tinyurl.com/brandingworld
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Prasad Karwa

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