Guru Story: Finally WiFi enabled!

Hello Friends!
People says that we don’t believe on miracles & Art of Living people says we rely on miracles. Today, I’m sharing my miraculous experience of today’s BED TIME ‘Go-SiP’ session with Saleel Bhaiya with you all.
It was 10:30 already, but our WiFi was not working. After continuous efforts to make it work, still we got disappointment. Bhaiya have to be live by 10:30 pm for the session. Per minute for me was just a second, bothering me, irritating me, punching me. I decided to use data pack, but there’s very less range of all the mobile network providers at our place. For 1 second I thought that, there’s no point in trying now. I gave up.
Bhaiya, asked: What happened?
And I was silent; It was already 10:35pm. I closed my eyes & prayed to Guruji that please let this WiFi work & guess what? Live session started. Story doesn’t ends here, Kaushal (my fellow roommate) opened his laptop to check live questions & what we saw was really mind boggling. WiFi was not working on Laptop, nor on any other devices. WiFi was just working on my mobile from which we were live. 
Session continued for next 20 minutes without any interruption. Exactly on 10:56 the session ended & yeah, for next two hours (till now) WiFi was dead.
This can be coincidence, This can be a miracle.
But to be sure, There’s some power with all of us which is helping us 24×7.

P.S. : Don’t forget to watch tomorrow’s episode of BED TIME GO-SIP with SALEEL PULEKAR JI only on FACEBOOK LIVE – 
sharp at 10:30pm

with Love,

Prasad Karwa

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